Mar 15, 2022
Indiana-Based Tactical Training Company Expanding Facilities


An Indiana-based self-defense and firearms tactical company is transforming the site of a former drive-in movie theatre to expand its operations.

Lawman Tactical announced plans to transform an empty commercial property in Evansville, IN, into what it will call a Guntry Club. This large facility is expected to open this fall.

Bryan Bishop, an owner of Lawman Tactical spoke with WEHT News about the expansion of his tactical training facility and said this has been his vision for years.

Below is an excerpt of that WEHT interview.

“It really hasn’t sunk in to be honest. It’s just now becoming real to me,” he said.

Bishop says increasing crime rates have prompted more people wanting to find a way to protect themselves.

“The request for training civilians have drastically increased. So we decided to open up a large facility where we can provide professional training from working professionals,” Bishop said.

Bishop says the Guntry Club will be state of the art- an indoor gun range, coffee bar, fitness gym, a member-only bourbon bar, restaurant, and more.

“It will also be a location of fellowship with family and friends. Grab a workout in our gym, participate in one of our bootcamps, or grab a cup of coffee and catch up on emails,” he said.

Bishop says law officials will also benefit from the facility by having everything under one roof.

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“Everything from defensive tactics to an indoor range. We have a virtual reality simulator where officers can respond in that stress without being in that specific situation,” he said.

Memberships will be offered at varying prices.

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