Mental Health

Dual-task, neuro-cognitive tactical training

Dual-task neuro-cognitive training is a specialized approach that integrates both physical and cognitive tasks simultaneously during training sessions. This method aims to enhance the coordination be... more »

Navy loosens enlistment requirements to attract more recruits

The United States Navy has loosened its enlistment requirements to allow for those who didn't graduate high school or get a GED to enlist. The decision marks the second time in about a year that ... more »

Longwood Univ. partners with H2F to help exercise science students

A new partnership between the Virginia Army National Guard and Longwood University is providing hands-on experience to exercise science students while providing the Guard with personnel trained to ca... more »

H2F mental readiness teams help soldiers use ‘arousal control’

As soldiers develop the trait of mental toughness, one of the skills essential to successful performance is arousal control. The ability to self-regulate arousal is crucial to developing and balancin... more »

Forge Unstoppable Bonds

Black fingernails, greasy hands, and a belly overhanging his two-sizes-too-big sports shorts. The same athlete had his hands on a deep head wound of another from the opposing team. Even the referee w... more »

Mental preparation during tactical strength training

Throughout my professional life as a tactical athlete and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a keen adherence to mental preparation during tactical strength training has always ... more »

Exposure Events

“Man... I’m going to fall,” I thought to myself over and over again as I stood at parade rest on the wooden beam 30 meters above Victory Pond.  Sensory overload doesn’t do it justice.... more »

Rhode Island lieutenant starts state’s first BJJ program

Lieutenant Bryan Palagi is in his 12th year of service to the Tiverton Police Department in Rhode Island after graduating from the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy (RIMPTA) in 2012. Aft... more »