Strength Training

Nutritional advice for high-intensity training

Things have recently changed for me. I’ve changed my whole thought process about what is “challenging” and “effective” to become a better athlete. I’ve discovered CrossFit. The CrossFit p... more »

Strategies for training Midshipmen student-athletes

As strength and conditioning coaches, our goal is to help student-athletes excel at their individual sports by programming and coaching athletes through training regimens that target the specific phy... more »

Improving decision-making skills in the military

Decision-making is a crucial skill. And strong decision-making skills is one area that separates military members from the civilian population. From the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) t... more »

Air Force recruiter bench presses 285 pounds 15 times

Using what was available around him, Air Force recruiter Greg Butler went viral at a recent recruiting event in Springfield, Missouri. His recruiting booth was set up next to a local gym display ... more »

Army’s H2F program coming to a base near you

The Center for Initial Military Training under Training and Doctrine Command will send a group of human performance specialists from the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) program to divisions that ca... more »

Syracuse Fire Department unveils new training tower

The Syracuse (NY) Fire Department unveiled a new state-of-the-art fire training tower earlier this week. The $3 million fire training tower is five stories and will prepare crews for multiple typ... more »

Marines embarked on jungle tactical training

As part of their pre-deployment training program, a team of Marine Raiders recently completed a jungle tracking and mobility course. The course teaches mobility in a jungle environment, rope and ... more »

Army Lacrosse: Training soldiers as athletes

Whether on the lacrosse field or “in the field,” strength, speed, and conditioning are critical for mission success. The program’s strength and conditioning goals are to increase performance an... more »