NMRTC Bremerton Corpsmen Training for Operational Readiness

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Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Ref’s Life During Basketball Game

An off-duty Ohio firefighter's instincts kicked in to save a life while playing in a men's league basketball game over the weekend. Myles Copeland is a firefighter for the Toledo (OH) Fire and Res... more »

Understanding the Rehabilitation of Tactical Athletes

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4 Counseling Options for Service Members & Families

The Department of Defense provides a variety of counseling options to all active-duty, National Guard and reserve service members, survivors, designated Department of Defense expeditionary civilians ... more »

Study: Muscle-Strengthening Activities May Lower Risk of Mortality

According to a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, regular engagement in muscle-strengthening activities, such as resistance training, may lower the risk of all-cause mortality, c... more »