Jun 28, 2023
Army adds new wearable tool to health & fitness arsenal

The United States Army has unveiled a new tool to help soldiers measure their health, fitness and tactical readiness as well as a slew of other performance indicators. The tool is called MASTR-E,... more »

Jun 27, 2023
Using A.I. to implement training programs at scale

Sarah Ray is the head of business development at Volt Athletics. She has over a decade of experience coaching and managing programs within performance athletics, corporate wellness, and population he... more »

Mar 29, 2023
KU offers remote training for Kansas volunteer firefighters

The University of Kansas Achievement & Assessment Institute’s Center for Certification & Competency-Based Education (C3Be) has partnered with KU's Kansas Fire & Resc... more »

Mar 2, 2023
3 reasons to opt for fabric training structures

Fabric structures have been rapidly becoming the preferred building style for several different industries and operations, including the tactical fitness industry.  Fabric structures use dura... more »

Feb 20, 2023
New App movr Build Offers Evidence-Based Tactical Workouts

The movement health company movr (www.movewithmovr.com) announced today the release of movr Build. The fourth B2B SaaS technology released by movr since 2022, Build joins movr Assess, Prescribe and A... more »

Feb 20, 2023
Georgia Southern Soldier Readiness Partnership Expands Nationwide

The local performance and readiness partnership between Georgia Southern University and the 3rd Infantry Division has now become a nationally recognized educational and research program with $5.68 mi... more »

Oct 11, 2022
Blood Flow Restriction Training For Injured Tactical Athletes

Blood flow restriction training, also known as BFR or occlusion training, helps athletes — both tactical and sport — recover from injury or surgery. It uses special equipment to safely prevent lo... more »

Sep 30, 2022
Volt Athletics Launches V3, Expands Into Tactical Training

Volt Athletics, a global leader in personalized health and fitness technology, recently announced the launch of V3, the next generation of its coaching platform, designed to deliver safe and effectiv... more »