Mar 3, 2023
Preparing for the 2023 Maltz Challenge

The Maltz Challenge a very challenging physical fitness event, honors Air Force MSGT Michael H. Maltz, a pararescue specialist with the 38th Rescue Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, GA, 19 September 19... more »

Mar 2, 2023
3 reasons to opt for fabric training structures

Fabric structures have been rapidly becoming the preferred building style for several different industries and operations, including the tactical fitness industry.  Fabric structures use dura... more »

Mar 1, 2023
5 ways to prevent injuries in tactical athletes

Service members push themselves hard to reach peak fitness goals. However, ramping up a  workout too much could lead to injuries that can affect daily performance. Reduce the risk of injury by b... more »

Feb 28, 2023
Train like a tactical athlete

Within the past few years, a new buzzword has been utilized more and more frequently within the strength and conditioning field concerning the first responder community. That is the term tactical ath... more »

Feb 22, 2023
Q&A with an Army H2F program director

Mark Taysom is the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) Program Director for the 10th Mountain Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade at Fort Drum, NY. His team of 30 interdisciplinary professionals is ch... more »

Feb 21, 2023
Can You Pass the DEA’s Physical Task Assessment Test?

The Drug Enforcement Administration, more commonly referred to as the “DEA,” is a United States federal law enforcement agency that is given the specific authority of focusing on and battling the... more »

Feb 20, 2023
New App movr Build Offers Evidence-Based Tactical Workouts

The movement health company movr ( announced today the release of movr Build. The fourth B2B SaaS technology released by movr since 2022, Build joins movr Assess, Prescribe and A... more »

Feb 20, 2023
Georgia Southern Soldier Readiness Partnership Expands Nationwide

The local performance and readiness partnership between Georgia Southern University and the 3rd Infantry Division has now become a nationally recognized educational and research program with $5.68 mi... more »