Apr 5, 2022
3 Tips for Incorporating a Tactical Diet

Though easy enough, eating clean takes discipline — especially when unhealthy options are seemingly always at arm’s reach.

A recent article from MTNTactical.com highlighted a few ways to incorporate a clean-eating lifestyle into the average tactical operator’s diet.

Below is an excerpt from MTN Tactical’s Rob Shaul on how to have a healthier diet to be properly fueled for action.

Don’t restrict calories – just eat clean.

Eat clean, but eat as much as you want. You don’t need to be hungry, but you can’t eat crap to satisfy yourself. When I get hungry between meals I’ll eat an avocado with salt and pepper, some strawberries with almond butter, or pre-backed sweet potato with some olive oil and salt and pepper.

Don’t Drink Calories

It’s easy to ruin a “clean” lunch of chicken salad with a tall glass of sweet tea that has 400 calories. Your fluid menu has to be even more narrow than your food menu: water, bubble water, and coffee. That’s about it. You can add lemon/lime or calorie-free flavoring to your water if needed. And a little cream or half and half is okay for your coffee, but no mochas.

Eat Clean 6 Days a Week. Cheat like a Mother on Day 7

Clean = meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts. Little dairy (cream in your coffee). No bread, rice, potatoes, sugar, alcohol. On Day 7, cheat like a mother – pizza, pie, beer, ice cream, pastry, whatever you want. Without the cheat day, I’ve found the “clean” diet isn’t sustainable. 

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Note on Sugar …. it can be “hidden” in all types of foods … milk, ketchup, yogurt, salad dressing… it’s amazing. Try to avoid it.

To read the full article from MTNTactical.com, click here.