Aug 10, 2022
The Benefits of Rucking

There is plenty of reason that rucking is the primary tool for training and testing in elite military units around the globe.¬†Beyond building a durable body and mind, rucking brings health benefits ... more »

Aug 9, 2022
Crossfit Exercises to Help the Tactical Operator

Functional strength training combines strength, stamina, and unparalleled grit to improve performance in the field for tactical operators when they need it most. Many of those same qualities can be o... more »

Aug 8, 2022
Naval Sailors Train for Battlefield Medicine Skills

Sailors serving aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC, refined their battlefield medicine skills in the first week of August. The sailors, assigned to Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point, ... more »

Aug 5, 2022
Should Tactical Populations Train Their Brain Like Elite Athletes?

{Sponsored} Police, Fire, & Military personnel are required to make quick decisions in stressful, often physically challenging situations. So are elite athletes.  Acquiring skills, recall... more »

Aug 2, 2022
20 Trainees Injured During Unauthorized Exercises at Mass. State Police Academy

In the second incident within the month, about 20 Massachusetts State Police Academy trainees were injured after being forced to do an unauthorized exercise, according to a state police official. ... more »

Jul 26, 2022
Air Force Seeking Science Research Partnerships with HBCUs

The Department of the Air Force is working with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering to create the first University Affiliated Research Center... more »

Jul 20, 2022
Program Aiming to Help Military Members with Stress

Life in the military is no bed of roses, but the services are putting in place an innovative program designed to give service members new tools to handle the stress of military life. The company a... more »

Jul 18, 2022
Prioritizing Hip Strength in Training Programs

When was the last time you heard someone say they needed to work on strengthening their hips? Rare is the person who thinks about training in this vital area. Instead, they often focus on training th... more »