Feb 19, 2024
NC counties updated on joint public safety training facility

A North Carolina joint public safety training facility is under work that will serve the Cabarrus County, Concord, and Kannapolis communities. Part of the updates include an indoor firearms train... more »

Feb 19, 2024
Three common questions first responders have about nutrition

First responders are tasked with making high-stakes split-second decisions in their on-the-go, physically demanding roles. Much like training and being fluent in the latest protocols and procedures, ... more »

Feb 13, 2024
Air Force nutrition knowledge linked to G-test success

According to a recent study published in Scientific Reports, Air Force cadets with proper nutrition knowledge and who were physically active performed better during the Gravitational Acceleration Tes... more »

Feb 13, 2024
8 equipment considerations for your firehouse

Firefighters require specialized training equipment to enhance their tactical strength and conditioning, and a firehouse needs to be equipped with the best tools available.  In this article, we w... more »

Feb 13, 2024
GPS technology helps law enforcement track health

In today’s world, the law enforcement field has benefited from not only technological advancements for tangible assets such as an officer’s duty gear, raid equipment, police vehicles, and compute... more »

Feb 13, 2024
Dual-task, neuro-cognitive tactical training

Dual-task neuro-cognitive training is a specialized approach that integrates both physical and cognitive tasks simultaneously during training sessions. This method aims to enhance the coordination be... more »

Jan 30, 2024
Navy loosens enlistment requirements to attract more recruits

The United States Navy has loosened its enlistment requirements to allow for those who didn't graduate high school or get a GED to enlist. The decision marks the second time in about a year that ... more »

Jan 9, 2024
Pennsylvania lawmakers push for lowering police fitness standard

Pennsylvania House lawmakers passed legislation last week that would lower the minimum fitness standard for a potential recruit to be accepted into the police academy. The push for lowering the s... more »