Sep 28, 2023
Military medical training proves lifesaving


Cpl. Nicholas Christensen’s military medical training kicked in after witnessing a multi-vehicle crash in California a few weeks ago.

Christensen is trained in basic Combat Lifesaving Course and Tactical Combat Casualty Care as well as a more advanced course called Valkyrie, which teaches phlebotomy and transfusions.

He blocked the road with his truck and attended a motorcyclist who was severely injured. Due to his medical training, he had maintained a medical supply bag in his truck for the past two years, but never had an occasion to use it.

A recent story from detailed the life-saving actions of Christensen. Below is an excerpt from the story.

“Thank God he had his medical bag,” said Lance Cpl. Ethan Feaster, a Marine rifleman by trade and native of Redmond, Wash. “He [Christensen] really saved the day.”

Christensen, a field instructor with Weapons Field and Training Battalion, immediately began triaging the motorcycle rider. One of the other motorcycle riders, Lance Cpl. Ramyar Mohammedali, a land surveyor with 7th Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, ran over to assist. Christensen noticed the motorcycle rider had an Eagle, Globe and Anchor on his jacket and assumed the rider was either an active duty Marine or Marine veteran.

“We realized he was not breathing, so I took off his helmet to help open an airway and blood poured out,” said Christensen. “We learned the motorcycle rider’s name was Mike.”

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While holding Mike’s head, Christensen turned him into a recovery position on the asphalt with the gash in his head facing upward to help stop the bleeding. It was at this time that Mike started breathing. Blood poured out of Mike’s mouth with every breath. Feaster held Mike’s head as Christensen wrapped it with bandages. Christensen then moved to wrap and splint both of Mike’s arms, which were both mangled and shattered badly.

Within about five minutes, local police arrived on the scene.

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