Apr 4, 2022
An Inside Look at an Indianapolis Police Academy Training Session


Ever wonder if you have what it takes to meet the physical requirements of the police academy?

A recent report from WRTV Indianapolis put her strength to the test and got an inside look at what it takes to pass the physical rigors of the 26-week police academy training.

Below is an excerpt from that article.

Vertical jump, sit-ups, a 300-meter sprint, push-ups, and a mile and a half run. Each of these tasks must be done to get into the police academy – but of course, you also have to meet a minimum standard first.

The first test is the vertical jump. To get into the academy you need to jump at least 13.5 inches and to graduate you need to be able to jump 16 inches high.

To get into the academy you must do 24 sit-ups in one minute and to graduate a trainee must complete 29. The next test moves outside, where a trainee or prospective trainee must dash 300 meters as fast as possible. A time of 1:22 gets you in the academy and 1:11 gets you out.

The fourth test is a push-up test. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to complete the push-ups, but you can’t break form.

In the final event, after pushing yourself to graduate from the other tasks, you must complete a mile and a half run. To enter you must complete the run in 18:56 and to graduate you must complete it in 16:28.

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Lt. Shane Foley says in his time with IMPD anyone who makes it into the academy has been able to build their skills up to meet the exit standards during the 26-week period.

If you are interested in applying, they are currently taking applications for their 26th recruit class you can learn more about that by clicking here.

And to read the full story from WRTV about the Indianapolis Police Academy training, click here.