May 2, 2023
Blood Flow Restriction Training For Injured Tactical Athletes

Blood flow restriction training, also known as BFR or occlusion training, helps athletes — both tactical and sport — recover from injury or surgery. It uses special equipment to safely prevent low-oxygen blood from leaving the targeted muscle. At the same time, oxygenated blood is allowed to flow to that area. This brings nutrition to …

The Difference Between Hypertrophy & Strength Training

Many people use the terms hypertrophy and strength training interchangeably, but they are actually two different things! A recent story from Discover Magazine highlighted the differences and similarities between the two types of training. Below is an excerpt from that article. What is Hypertrophy? Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the diameters of muscle fibers increase as a …

  Independent Fitness for Wheelchair Users

The ProTone is a total fitness machine dedicated to providing wheelchair users with the ultimate independent workout. Commercial quality at a home gym price, with over 16 unique exercises to improve strength and overall health! Call today to learn more.
Different Box Jumps to Improve Your Strength & Conditioning

Box Jumps workouts are great to train cardio, speed, and power output. Additionally, these workouts can strengthen your lower body and core, improve your balance, and encourage better posture and mechanics. Specifically, they help train your glutes, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and core muscles. These workouts aren’t about testing how fast you can bend your legs …

Volt Athletics Launches V3, Expands Into Tactical Training

Volt Athletics, a global leader in personalized health and fitness technology, recently announced the launch of V3, the next generation of its coaching platform, designed to deliver safe and effective fitness guidance at scale. The redesigned platform introduces new functionality that enables corporate wellness organizations and tactical groups to manage training for large numbers of …

ROTC Cadets Get Valuable Training at Fort Leonard Wood

More than 60 ROTC cadets from the nine Missouri universities that make up the Army’s Gateway Battalion converged on Fort Leonard Wood this month for their annual fall field training exercise. The battalion is made up of cadets from Washington University, St. Louis University, Lindenwood University, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Fontbonne University, Missouri Baptist …

Thermal Behaviors May Differ Between Genders

After a hard workout, you might see athletes splash cold water on their faces, sling a wet towel around their necks, or standing in front of a fan. Researchers call these actions “thermal behaviors,” and everyone engages in them when they feel too hot. According to a new study, however, men and women may be …

  Source Products from Leading Suppliers

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