Apr 4, 2022
OR Firefighters Receive Burn-to-Learn Training


When you’re a firefighter, the phrase “getting thrown into the fire” takes on new meaning when learning new things. But in order to get better at your craft and know how everyone will respond in the face of a blaze, you have to train on the real thing — simulations just won’t do.

Often times fire chiefs will orchestrate burn-to-learn training exercises to give their crews an opportunity to keep their skills sharp when the moment strikes.

The Register-Guard highlighted these types of burn-to-learn training exercises in a recent story. Below is an excerpt from The Register-Guard article.

More than 30 personnel from the South Lane, North Douglas, Elkton, Kellogg and Oakland districts were on scene for the training, according to Raade.

South Lane Fire Captain Travis Hansen said the live fire trainings provide valuable experience, especially for firefighters who may not have been in a house fire situation before.

“Feeling that heat on you — you can’t really simulate that in any other way — so that live fire training is really valuable,” he said. ­“This is really important for especially our new people.”

Hansen added that because most of the district’s calls for service are medical, chances to fight fires are less common.

Ike Shannon, fire chief of North Douglas Fire and EMS, concurred.

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“They’re harder to come by,” he said. “We’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there.”

Shannon said it also gave his department an opportunity to train with surrounding districts and learn how they operate.

To read the full story from The Register-Guard about the South Lane County firefighters training on the job, click here.