Mar 29, 2023
KU offers remote training for Kansas volunteer firefighters

The University of Kansas Achievement & Assessment Institute’s Center for Certification & Competency-Based Education (C3Be) has partnered with KU's Kansas Fire & Resc... more »

Mar 28, 2023
5 facts about ATC in Special Warfare Training Wing

Across the country, athletic trainers are famous for wrapping ankles before games, rehabilitating sports-related injuries and running onto the field when a player hits the ground a little too hard. ... more »

Feb 20, 2023
New App movr Build Offers Evidence-Based Tactical Workouts

The movement health company movr ( announced today the release of movr Build. The fourth B2B SaaS technology released by movr since 2022, Build joins movr Assess, Prescribe and A... more »

Feb 20, 2023
Georgia Southern Soldier Readiness Partnership Expands Nationwide

The local performance and readiness partnership between Georgia Southern University and the 3rd Infantry Division has now become a nationally recognized educational and research program with $5.68 mi... more »

Feb 20, 2023
New Hampshire Police Chiefs Ask to Drop Required Fitness Test

Police chiefs from across New Hampshire came together last week to convince lawmakers to drop the required fitness test for police amid statewide staffing shortages. The chiefs gathered to tell t... more »

Feb 20, 2023
Navy Gets Rid of Failed Fitness Tests

Navy sailors who have a failed physical fitness assessment on their record will receive a clean slate — allowing them to remain in the service. The new Navy policy, unveiled late last week, is ... more »

Dec 5, 2022
George Mason ATCs Team with Local Firefighters

At George Mason University, the Athletic Training and Public Safety Fellowship has paired certified athletic trainers with the local Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue and Police D... more »

Dec 5, 2022
Tips to Improve Speed, Power, & Strength

Like so many Americans, you may be looking to step up your strength training routine as we approach the new year. A recent article from outlined eight great tips to improve the trai... more »

Dec 5, 2022
3 Dumbbell Workouts to Build Strength

Thinking about making a change from barbell training to dumbbell training? Training with free weights, or dumbbells, is often thought of as the most effective way to build strength and muscle. Inc... more »

Dec 5, 2022
Different Box Jumps to Improve Your Strength & Conditioning

Box Jumps workouts are great to train cardio, speed, and power output. Additionally, these workouts can strengthen your lower body and core, improve your balance, and encourage better posture and mec... more »